Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor for Hemp Oil Extraction Using Water

Eco Extraction – Water Extraction – Organic Extraction Process Introducing the Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor Date: 8/20/2019 PDF: 20190820-infinity-supercritical-sdr-x-core-processor Aqueous Turbine Extraction Technology Under development for the past three years, Infinity is taking extraction to a new level of processing technology for extraction of full spectrum hemp oil. Using rotating elements in series allows […]

SDR01 Craft Hemp Oil Extraction Using Water

The SDR01 aqueous extraction system is for very small full spectrum hemp oil craft extraction. This is a manually operated system (three separate tasks) to produce a high quality oil for bottling directly from the machine.

SDR2000 Hemp Oil Extractor System Advantages • Aqueous Extraction

Infinity Supercritical
Model: SDR2000
Dry Hemp Flower Input (lbs/day): 2,400
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (kg/day): 87
Revenue Per Day: $127,656
Payback (days): 16
Based On $/gram: 2
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction.
Consumables: Water (closed loop) and Power.
Comparison to Ethanol Extraction – Savings Per Year from Consumable Slippage: $1,200,000