Infinity Supercritical offers Build-Your-Own-Brand Licensing to the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

Infinity Supercritical Press Release via Globe Newswire

SEATTLE, Aug. 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infinity Supercritical LLC, a leading manufacturer of organic botanical oil extraction equipment, announces the industry’s first build licensing opportunity.

Under the Build Your Own Brand licensing terms, the licensee can pay a fee to build an unlimited number of machines, using their machine shop, or buying parts from Infinity to assemble, or simply drop-ship, to customers.

Typical development time of certified botanical oil extraction systems is up to two years. The system from Infinity has gone through intensive testing and is engineer peer reviewed and certified. This licensing program allows groups to gain instant access into the lucrative Cannabis and Hemp oil extraction industry by supplying the systems that extract the oils which are rich in nutraceuticals for vape pens and concentrates.

If you were to start at ground zero to build a new extraction system, you could expect a timeline exceeding two years and investing over a million dollars to develop a certified system. As each state goes legal in the Cannabis industry, there are needs for equipment manufacturers to supply extraction machines for cultivations and processors, that supply product to customers.

Under the Build Your Own Brand System, you can take advantage of the experience and certification of a proven Infinity system, and put on your own brand name, logo, and frame colors. Each license comes with a completed botanical extraction system, unlimited build quantity, plans, blueprints, parts list, and suppliers contacts. Parts can be purchased from Infinity, or the entire system can be built to your company brand and logo to be drop-shipped to the customer directly.

The goal of licensing is to provide additional capital for Infinity to develop new technology in the extraction industry. These products will also become available first to licensees as they are developed. Providing a network of builders with Infinity Inside will not only help our visibility, but also our market-share of the industry.

The price of the license is $250,000 and includes a fully functional 10L supercritical CO2 extraction system. Exclusive sales and license territory is available at an additional fee.

Infinity Supercritical LLC develops and markets innovative botanical oil extraction systems. Emphasis is placed on developing new technology to reduce extraction time, and producing a superior oil product, maximizing extracted antioxidants, terpenes, and nutraceuticals. Industries served include cannabis, hemp, oregano, and hops.

Please visit Infinity Supercritical for more information.

From Website: If you are considering entering the equipment side of the cannabis industry, we are now making available a Build Your Own Brand opportunity. This allows you to purchase a license for our 10L CO2 extraction system, so you can build your own systems. Included are a parts list, build blueprints, suppliers, fittings list, build/testing/operations procedures, full ASME Engineer Peer Review Certification Report (50+ pages) for CA, WA, OR, CO, NV, and AZ. If you just want to assemble and sell systems, we can provide you some, or all of the parts. Licensing programs start at $250,000 for the 10L system and can save you years of development, while being able to put on your own brand name, logo, etc. This is a one-time license fee, there are no royalties and you can build as many systems as you want. From conception, to engineering, through development, we estimate the average cost of developing a extractor starts at around $1,000,000 and takes over 2 years. This allows you to get into the market quickly, with a proven machine.

CAD/CAM Drawings are included with License


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