Hemp Investor Strategy and Methodology: How to invest in the lucrative hemp oil extraction market

The problem with the hemp market is lack of extraction facilities of full spectrum hemp oil from the hemp flower. There are lots of growers, but few extractors. Even fewer CO2 extractors, which brings a much higher oil price, since CO2 retains valuable flavor and medicinal rich terpenes compared to other methods. Most processors don’t have qualified legal oil extract.

The best strategy to start is to buy a CO2 extraction system, number up, then ultimately move up to the large industrial processor using continuous feed water extraction. This provides a clear path to profit and solidifies a vertical system from hemp flower extraction to sales. These systems are offered by Infinity Supercritical.

Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor for Hemp Oil Extraction Using Water

Eco Extraction – Water Extraction – Organic Extraction Process Introducing the Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor Date: 8/20/2019 PDF: 20190820-infinity-supercritical-sdr-x-core-processor Aqueous Turbine Extraction Technology Under development for the past three years, Infinity is taking extraction to a new level of processing technology for extraction of full spectrum hemp oil. Using rotating elements in series allows […]


Infinity Supercritical
Model: SDR50K
Dry Hemp Flower Input (lbs/day): 49,992
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (kg/day): 1,815
Revenue Per Day: $2,684,568
Payback (days): 11
Based On $/gram: 2
Aqueous Extraction. One Touch Craft Extraction.
Consumables: Water (closed loop) and Power.
Comparison to Ethanol Extraction – Savings Per Year from Consumable Slippage: $24,996,000