Infinity Supercritical Technology Review: Lilu’s Garden Aqueous Extraction of Hemp – Our Best Guess How It’s Done

LiLu’s Garden has a aqueous extraction method to produce CBD.
Infinity Supercritical dives deep to explore possible water extraction technologies that they are using to dominate the industry.
This is a best-guess only, but based on science and existing technology currently used.
In our opinion, the main strategy is steam distillation with activated carbon compounds that filter out the CBD and use reverse osmosis to reactivate the carbon and collect the CBD.

SDR1200 Hemp Oil Extractor System Advantages • Aqueous Extraction

Infinity Supercrititcal.
SDR1200 Hemp Oil Extraction System.
Aqueous Extraction.
Water as a eco-extraction solution.
The savings alone from other legacy extraction systems, such as enthanol, can save the processor over $1 million per year, and lengthy zoning and fire code regulations. For the consumer, this green-branded extraction provides a more pure, better extract.

Infinity Supercritical Offers Extraction Support Cart for Operators

Infinity is now offering a optional support cart for operators of the 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor. The support cart holds a wet/dry vac, tools, pump vise, extractor vessel wrench, collection vessel holders, and ultrasonic seal cleaning device. This is the most advanced support cart in the industry. It’s a one-stop station for the operator to accomplish all extraction tasks, including machine (pump) maintenance.