Infinity Supercritical Introduces New Ultra-Efficient Organic Method of Botanical Oil Extraction

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SEATTLE, June 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infinity Supercritical LLC, a leading manufacturer of botanical extraction equipment, announces the industry’s first organic method of oil extraction using distilled water as the solvent.

The new method involves a spinning disc reactor system which is being introduced into the industry for the extraction of oil from cannabis and hemp. The oil extract, called a concentrate, can be used in vape pens, edibles, and further processed into CBDs for medical and health purposes.

The system is so efficient that the process takes a few seconds, instead of hours or days, which is common in the industry now. In addition, the system uses distilled water as the solvent, instead of commonly used CO2, ethanol, or butane.

With a continuous feed system, different botanicals or varieties can be processed on-the-fly. Legacy batch systems can only process one botanical or variety at a time.

The equipment is modular and can be scaled up to any size. As a continuous feed, continuous flow process, batch systems are now obsolete. The smaller footprint results in lower initial acquisition, maintenance, and operational costs. The added benefit of a smaller continuous feed system is more efficient use of energy.

This process technology can also be used in other industrial applications, such as the production of biodiesel, nutraceuticals, and algae oil extraction. In the high-tech sector, the process can produce quantum dots, which have been identified as a future solar cell technology.

Infinity Supercritical LLC develops and markets innovative botanical oil extraction systems. Emphasis is placed on developing new technology to reduce extraction time, and producing a superior oil product, maximizing extracted antioxidants, terpenes, and nutrients. Industries served include cannabis, hemp, and hops. Please visit for more information.



400L Industrial Botanicals Extractor by Infinity

Infinity Supercritical is developing a 400L (100+ lbs/hr) industrial botanicals extraction system. This system uses common distilled water as the solvent, which provides a completely hydrocarbon or CO2 solvent free extraction method, which is the first organic extraction method to be introduced into the Cannabis industry.

The system is closed-loop and recycles the distilled water through a series of elegant, but simple, mechanical separation methods. The spent botanicals can be recycled and composed, or remediated through a add-on module which converts the plant matter to CO2 by using a patented system.

The system has other add-on high-tech innovation modules which can recover waste heat into electricity (Tribogen), a solid state chiller, ESP (electrostatic precipitation), and a Tesla disc pump. The system was developed, and uses the modular fluid handling device (US Patent 7726331), which is commonly referred to as the Modular Block, which was termed an industrial Lego by the National Science Foundation.

The modular system has a ROI payback within days, when used for processing legal Cannabis trim in a licensed facility.

The system can also be used for the continuous production of QD (Quantum Dots) which may be our future solar cell and battery technology. These are the same technologies that are being looked at and developed by Apple, Google, and Tesla.


Infinity Supercritical Introduces Industry First: Organic Botanical Oil Extraction


Infinity is pleased to announce and industry first – organic oil extraction which does not use Butane or CO2. Using a food industry proven method called SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor), botanical oil can now be extracted at room pressure and temperature.

The benefits of a SDR system developed by Infinity Supercritical LLC (patented) are:

• Standard Room Temperature and Pressure Extraction

• Fast Reaction Time (measured in seconds)

• Continuous Feed Operation

• Uses Standard Distilled Water

• Organic Extraction (no additives to remove later)

• Industrial Volume Extraction (5-100+ lbs of input material per hour)

• Modular Compact System (can be built into a trailer or standard shipping container)

• Push Button Operation (no complex PLC or operator technique required – it just works)

The SDR can also be used in other industries, including the production of semi-conductor nanocrystals called Quantum Dots (QD).

This new systems provides a quantum leap forward in options available to botanical extraction production, by simplifying extraction technique (push a button) and monitor the continuous feed and flow. If Apple were to design a botanicals extraction system, this would be it.




Disc Reactor | Continuous Feed | Oil Extraction System

New technology has developed into continuous flow disc fluid extraction. As an alternative to butane extraction (BHO) and Supercritical CO2, the continuous flow oil extraction kit (oil extraction machine), can efficiently produce vape pen oil extraction by co2 liquid or other fluid carriers (including water). Botanical oil extractions include beer Citra Hop oil extraction, Cacao nut oil, Tamanu Oil, antioxidants, including extracts from jellyfish, algae, and marine life like Salmon (polyphenols, astaxanthin). Other nutraceuticals are also good for oil extraction. There are also some efforts regarding extraction of Māmalu o Wahine (the mushroom Dictyophora species commonly referred to as stinkhorn)

How it works: The disc reactor spins a slurry of liquid and particulates, and uses cavitation and shear forces to break apart botanicals to extract oil and other compounds. More complicated reactions can also be introduced using sonochemistry, which can provide exothermic reactions (UV, heat, mixing, and catalytic reactions), catalysts, or co-solvents. Because of the shear forces, the extraction time can be reduced from hours to minutes. Most systems can provide a closed-loop or continuous feed, which allows larger processing operations.


Experimental Sonic Reactor Clocked at 3,000 RPM With Magnetic Drive
SRmini Magnetic Gearbox Cut-Away View
Large Multi Channel Modular Block Reactor
Sonic Reactor Disc Stack
Miniature Modular Block Sonic Reactor Experimental Platform Using SP76 Nessi Blocks


Sonic Reactor Exploded Assembly View


Sonic Reactor View of Complex Disc Stack With Internal Cooling
Inside View of a Disc Reactor