Infinity Supercritical Introduces New Ultra-Efficient Organic Method of Botanical Oil Extraction

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SEATTLE, June 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infinity Supercritical LLC, a leading manufacturer of botanical extraction equipment, announces the industry’s first organic method of oil extraction using distilled water as the solvent.

The new method involves a spinning disc reactor system which is being introduced into the industry for the extraction of oil from cannabis and hemp. The oil extract, called a concentrate, can be used in vape pens, edibles, and further processed into CBDs for medical and health purposes.

The system is so efficient that the process takes a few seconds, instead of hours or days, which is common in the industry now. In addition, the system uses distilled water as the solvent, instead of commonly used CO2, ethanol, or butane.

With a continuous feed system, different botanicals or varieties can be processed on-the-fly. Legacy batch systems can only process one botanical or variety at a time.

The equipment is modular and can be scaled up to any size. As a continuous feed, continuous flow process, batch systems are now obsolete. The smaller footprint results in lower initial acquisition, maintenance, and operational costs. The added benefit of a smaller continuous feed system is more efficient use of energy.

This process technology can also be used in other industrial applications, such as the production of biodiesel, nutraceuticals, and algae oil extraction. In the high-tech sector, the process can produce quantum dots, which have been identified as a future solar cell technology.

Infinity Supercritical LLC develops and markets innovative botanical oil extraction systems. Emphasis is placed on developing new technology to reduce extraction time, and producing a superior oil product, maximizing extracted antioxidants, terpenes, and nutrients. Industries served include cannabis, hemp, and hops. Please visit for more information.



400L Industrial Botanicals Extractor by Infinity

Infinity Supercritical is developing a 400L (100+ lbs/hr) industrial botanicals extraction system. This system uses common distilled water as the solvent, which provides a completely hydrocarbon or CO2 solvent free extraction method, which is the first organic extraction method to be introduced into the Cannabis industry.

The system is closed-loop and recycles the distilled water through a series of elegant, but simple, mechanical separation methods. The spent botanicals can be recycled and composed, or remediated through a add-on module which converts the plant matter to CO2 by using a patented system.

The system has other add-on high-tech innovation modules which can recover waste heat into electricity (Tribogen), a solid state chiller, ESP (electrostatic precipitation), and a Tesla disc pump. The system was developed, and uses the modular fluid handling device (US Patent 7726331), which is commonly referred to as the Modular Block, which was termed an industrial Lego by the National Science Foundation.

The modular system has a ROI payback within days, when used for processing legal Cannabis trim in a licensed facility.

The system can also be used for the continuous production of QD (Quantum Dots) which may be our future solar cell and battery technology. These are the same technologies that are being looked at and developed by Apple, Google, and Tesla.


Infinity Supercritical Introduces Industry First: Organic Botanical Oil Extraction


Infinity is pleased to announce and industry first – organic oil extraction which does not use Butane or CO2. Using a food industry proven method called SDR (Spinning Disc Reactor), botanical oil can now be extracted at room pressure and temperature.

The benefits of a SDR system developed by Infinity Supercritical LLC (patented) are:

• Standard Room Temperature and Pressure Extraction

• Fast Reaction Time (measured in seconds)

• Continuous Feed Operation

• Uses Standard Distilled Water

• Organic Extraction (no additives to remove later)

• Industrial Volume Extraction (5-100+ lbs of input material per hour)

• Modular Compact System (can be built into a trailer or standard shipping container)

• Push Button Operation (no complex PLC or operator technique required – it just works)

The SDR can also be used in other industries, including the production of semi-conductor nanocrystals called Quantum Dots (QD).

This new systems provides a quantum leap forward in options available to botanical extraction production, by simplifying extraction technique (push a button) and monitor the continuous feed and flow. If Apple were to design a botanicals extraction system, this would be it.




California Cannabis Production | Start-up Cultivation vs Cash Flow | Strategy

Read the PDF: 20170608-infinity-supercritical-california-cannabis

California Cannabis

We are starting to get lots of calls from California regarding cultivation and using our extraction systems for oil production and sales for January 2018. The current strategy is to put up cultivation, and then start extraction after harvest. While this may seem intuitively correct, it is the worst strategy for cash-flow.



Start-up Cultivation Means Delayed Cash-flow

If you start with cultivation, you’re looking at 9 -12 months to begin getting cash-flow (in the process from building the grow-house to mature harvest). The time might be a bit better for pure indoor grow, but still a long time regardless. This means you will need a large amount of initial capital outlay, to build facilities, and during the grow. This is valuable time that can be better utilized.


Start with Extraction of Oil for Cash-flow


The profit-makers out in the Cannabis industry have realized that while you can make money cultivating (which everybody is doing), faster access to cash-flow is from the value-added sector, of running extraction machines to produce live resin, shatter, crumb, concentrates for edibles, and vape- pen oil.


Extraction Revenue

Don’t have your own Cannabis product ? Then check with your state regulations and purchase trim or other products from producers who do not have extraction facilities, and then work the value-added space. $50 a pound trim has the potential to get you more than $200 of oil extract. That’s a minimum of four times the value of the trim, and great cash-flow. Of course you will still need to look into the extraction license and other regulations, but this gets you started faster, and with less capital outlay.

Equity Versus Cash-flow

This type strategy gets you faster cash-flow and the all-important sales. This builds equity faster, and requires less initial capital. Starting with just a licensed extraction facility can provide you with a springboard of capital which you can leverage into your own indoor grow, or expanding extraction machinery and capabilities.


Small Production and Post Processing With ExtractCraft | The Source Machine

PDF Review: 20170528-infinity-supercritical-extractcraft-review

Extraction Supplies 

Supercritical-CO2-Extraction | |

The Source, which is manufactured by ExtractCraft, is a simple ethanol botanical oil extractor, that utilizes food grade alcohol as the solvent. This is a cool little piece of equipment, and with a little work, you can make outstanding extracts at home. There are many ways you could approach this and many more steps you could take than I am going to show here. For the purpose of this review, I will show a simple method that I have developed with some basic items:

-Ziplock bags

-Silicone rubber spatula



-Parchment paper

-Bottle of 95 percent pure food grade alcohol

-Cooler with dry ice



Extract Botanical: Trim This is 25 grams of basic trim. This is nothing fantastic, but still contains some desirable oils.



Moisture Removal: The simplist way to remove water is with dry ice in a cooler. This will help pull any remaining moisture through sublimation, and will also freeze most of the wax inside the material. Technique: Position the bag adjacent or on the dry ice. Keep the Ziplock bag open and close the cooler.



Prepare The Source Machine:

Remove the lid from The Source and unscrew the reservoir cup.



Add Food Grade (ethanol) Alcohol:

I like to fill the cup half way. This gets me about 8 oz of alcohol. If I was doing an extraction with some higher grade material, I would use one ounce of alcohol for every gram of botanicals. Since it’s trim, I am using one once of alcohol, for 4.25 grams of botanical.

Note: Never use methanol or anything but ethanol (just be safe and use the stuff you can buy at the liquor store). Anything but consumer edible ethanol may result in injury (blindness) if consumed.


Add Alcohol to Ziplock Bag:

Pour the alcohol into a Ziplock bag and put it in the cooler with the dry ice.



Cool With Dry Ice:

Dry ice is around (minus) -109 F. Getting everything this cold will help reduce the amount of wax removed during our extraction. I like to let it sit in the sealed up cooler for about 45 minutes, to an hour. You can go for longer if you wish, it all depends on the amount of moisture in your starting material.




Add Chilled Alcohol With Botanicals:

Pour the chilled alcohol into the bag with the trim.




Cool Botanicals with Alcohol in Cooler With Dry Ice:

After mixing the alcohol with our botanicals, set it back in on the dry ice and let it soak for 10-20 minutes. The alcohol is the solvent, and this is when the actual extraction occurs. If it soaks for 10 minutes or less you will usually get a nice golden extract. The longer its soaks the more chlorophyll you will absorb making your end extract much darker in color.

Longer Time = Solvent Releases wax and other products




Prepare Removal of Alcohol And Extract:

Cut Corner of Ziplock bag.




Pour Alcohol and Extracted Liquid:

Pour the liquid through the strainer. If you want filter the solution a couple times, you can use a coffee filter to get an extra clean solution.




Set The Source Machine:

Screw the reservoir back in place, put the glass lid with the upper seal on and close the vacuum release screw. At this point if it’s plugged in you can just hit the green button and the process will start.


Run the App:

Download the app, which allows you to control and monitor the process. When you start the process, the vacuum will turn on and the reservoir will begin to heat up. Remember the extraction process is all ready over. We are now boiling off and collecting the alcohol, so we can reuse it in future extractions.





Small Pan Cooled Condenser:

There is a small pan included with The Source. It’s intended to be filled with ice to speed up the condensation of alcohol inside the top of the vacuum chamber. Fill with water and freeze overnight to use.



Evaporating the Alcohol Using Heat:

Once the machine gets up to temperature, you can see small drops of alcohol forming on the sides and the top. It rolls off an gets caught in the collector at the bottom of the vacuum chamber. This is the alcohol evaporating and condensing.





While the machine is processing, it is heating the alcohol, and it is evaporating. As the process goes continues, you can see the bubbles get smaller, as the level of solution goes down.


Mid-Process Tincture Option:

If your end product is tincture, stop with the reservoir cup about 1/4 full. This will result in a potent tincture.


Nearing End of Process:

When the alcohol is almost entirely boiled off you will see slow bubbles forming both large and small. This is something to watch and decide when you’re going to stop the process. I usually wait until the bubbles are very small and forming very slowly.


End of Process:

As you learn technique, you will know when the process is near completion. Trial-and-error is your best guide. Write down the weight of liquid initially, then at the end, and log times.



Final Product:

Use the silicone spatula to scrape out your extract and transfer on parchment paper. Let it sit overnight to evaporate any remaining alcohol. 12 hours gives it consistency for dabs or topping bowls. If you have a vacuum oven you can get a shatter consistency quit easily.


Machine and Process Issues:

The downside to the machine/process is that some the alcohol finds it way into the bottom of the vacuum chamber, and is missed by the collector. It’s not a lot of alcohol, and is easy to wipe up. I use a paper towel to soak up the missed alcohol and use that to clean the reservoir cup.

Final Conclusion:

Overall I will say this is an easy and fun piece of equipment.

I would recommend it for any hobbyist extractor, and is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

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Cannabis Oil Production For Profit

PDF Download: 20170302-infinity-supercritical-cannabis-oil-for-profit

Visit our Amazon Extraction Store for extraction and pen supplies.

Cannabis sweeps the nation

As the Cannabis revolution swings across America, states going legal are raking in huge tax revenue, and citizens are finally getting access to medical and recreational benefits of Cannabis production. The momentum is slowing moving towards oil (concentrates) which provide easier access to deliver the benefits via vape pens, edibles, and concentrates for medical purposes (CBD’s). With the political aspects aside, this review will list the aspects of producing Cannabis oil for profit.

Using a Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 Extraction System is a good starting point for a oil refining business.


Supply versus demand

The mystique of the Cannabis industry has lots of people jumping into the mix, without knowledge of running a business, or the nuances of running a business to make money. A few are becoming millionaires, but most are breaking even, or losing money. Just look at the number of licenses issued in Colorado, and how supply has effected pricing. Business Insider reports that the price of wholesale marijuana has dropped by half in about a year.

Plan a startup strategy

What differentiates those making money, and those losing money ?

Those who make money set out with a plan, a budget, funding, and a team to deliver that plan. If you set out with detailed goals and a strategy, you’re already ahead of most of the groups in the industry. Failure to plan, is a plan for failure.

You need to have a startup plan, growth, and exit plan. If you plan and play your cards right, you’ll end up with a successful business.

Information is paramount to profit

In the planning stages, it’s critical to become informed. Read, research, inquire, and educate yourself about what you are getting into.

Read: Study online information.

Research: Online studies, scientific research papers, pricing models and consumer demand.

Inquire: Existing successful operations, and those that are not, and why they are not.

Educate: Sometimes the key to success is a very fine line, stack the deck in your favor.


Determine your business path to success

Select the part of the industry, that interests you the most, and makes the most money.

While this may be easier said than done, select a industry segment that you will enjoy working in, and develop it.

If you are vertically integrated, and have lots of funding, you can run an entire operation from cultivation to retail sales. The savvy types will focus on one targeted segment and make money with that segment, then grow by acquisition.


Start with oil extraction

Who makes the most money in the oil industry ? When compared to the hydrocarbon oil industry, it is the refiners.

In the Cannabis industry, the most value-added is extracting and refining the botanical oil.


Why is Cannabis oil extraction potentially the most profitable and least vulnerable to industry pitfalls ?

While supply and demand will ultimately determine overall industry income, as a Cannabis oil refinery lab (including post processing), you have the flexibility to determine downstream products. With a extraction system, you can make live resin, vape pens, concentrates, shatter, etc. And like other industries, you can tailor the output according to the market demand. Cultivators and retails do not have such flexibility. The ability to morph according to customer demand is an important factor to profitability.

What is the best method of cultivation of Cannabis to make a methodical profit ?

The best profit model would be a indoor grow, with staggered starting and harvest cycles, on a weekly basis. This will not only utilize your energy, personnel, and extraction lab more efficiently, but also allows you to tailor downstream product offerings to consumer demand, while providing a fresh product at all times. While outdoor grows are great, they are only once a year. The stress at harvest season is tremendous, and all that supply drives prices down, at that time of year.

FogPonics is the best kept secret in the Cannabis industry

Developed by a LA entrepreneur, the vertical grow tower system provides a weekly harvest, optimizing energy, personnel, and production specifically targeting oil production. On a five week grow out cycle, FogPonics is designed for oil production with fast growth varieties like Cinderella.


Oil extraction and post production

As oil is extracted from botanicals, the end product is a substance commonly referred to as crude oil. While this material can be used for dabs, it is more likely to go into post processing for refining downstream into concentrates or other products. It is typical for a extraction system to have a complimentary post processing lab, to refine and separate the oil for consumer products.


Strategy for success

Determining your actual business model will depend on your goals and the market in your area, but we recommend the following:

1. Start a extraction facility with post-processing lab.

2. If supply is an issue, vertically integrate with a FogPonics vertical grow facility.

3. Tailor your output products to demand.

4. Start or acquire your own vape pen brand, or develop products with your concentrates.

ROI App:


Flash Chromatography for Separation of THC, Terpenes, and Cannabinoids

PDF Download Link: 20170206-infinity-supercritical-flash-chromatography

Distillation is commonly used to purify and separate liquids. In the Cannabis industry, this is typically done by thin film or simple distillation, which uses heat to vaporize (evaporate) components, which are then condensed into fractions. Those fractions (THC, CBD, and Terpenes) can then be recombined for a recipe, or signature oil which can be used for concentrates (edibles) or vape pens. The new technique is called Flash Chromatography.


What is Flash Chromatography ?

Flash chromatography is a method to easily separate complex mixtures of compounds. It is based on column chromatography, which is a technique to purify (separate) compounds based on polarity and hydrophobicity. Separate occurs between differential partitioning between mobile and stationary phase. Introduce a liquid (Cannabis oil extract) and this separation technique will result in THC, Cannabinoids, and Terpenes.

How Can I Use This In My Extraction Process ?

If you already have a CO2 extraction system, you will need to winterize your crude oil, then it will be ready for Flash Chromatography. As you identify the components to separate, the machine will automatically identify and then target components to separate into different vials. You can then recombine these separations in to recipes (for example, 10 percent THC, 85 percent CBD, and 5 percent terpenes). Using this method you can make custom vape pens, or concentrates.

Infinity Supercritical Adds Chrome Frame Option To Its Line-Up

Infinity Supercritical has introduced a chrome powdercoat frame option to its system features. Options now include green or chrome color for the system frame. The modular frame system used and invented by Infinity allows the customer to easily move the frame, which is on heavy duty casters, as well as modify the frame as needed (for new developments and features). The caster-beam frame is like an industrial erector set, and can easily be re-configured by use of a standard 3/8 inch bolt system. Infinity has a unique pricing system which allows start-ups to acquire a fully functional 10 Liter extraction system for $39000.