Full Spectrum Diamond Isolate and Diamond Mining

Diamond Mining.
Use the Infinity Supercritical CO2 extractor to make near-isolate quality extract, then put into a Nutsche Filter Dryer to make a full spectrum botanical diamond. If you run a cold extraction to extract the terpenes first, then you can make terp sauce, and cover the diamonds to make a rich designer craft product.

Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor for Hemp Oil Extraction Using Water

Eco Extraction – Water Extraction – Organic Extraction Process Introducing the Infinity Supercritical SDR X Core Processor Date: 8/20/2019 PDF: 20190820-infinity-supercritical-sdr-x-core-processor Aqueous Turbine Extraction Technology Under development for the past three years, Infinity is taking extraction to a new level of processing technology for extraction of full spectrum hemp oil. Using rotating elements in series allows […]