Less than 10 percent of the 2019 hemp crop will be processed at fall harvest from the lack of botanical extractors

Updated November 6, 2019. Most of the 2019 hemp crop will be left in the field, or in a warehouse.

MADISON, August 21, 2019 (GLOBAL NEWSWIRE) — Based on the deluge of calls we get from farmers, wanna-be processors, and equity groups, there will be a huge bottleneck at this years fall hemp harvest.

The issue appears to be a wait-and-see attitude, matched by lack of funding available to start-ups in the new burgeoning industry. The demand for hemp oil products appears to be strong, but the demand is not being matched by production.

Hemp became Federally legal in 2019, which had farmers scrambling to get crops in the ground, many at the last minute in late spring. The lack of coordinated state regulation nationwide has resulted in a patch-work of states under cultivation, some more than ten-fold increase in acreage planted from last year.

While many smaller fly-by-night processors turn to ethanol extraction. If not done properly, it produces a poor quality full spectrum hemp CBD oil. A full spectrum oil provides the most benefits to the body. Many operators choose to use activated carbon to filter out the green bitter tasting chlorophyll, which unfortunately also filters out the CBD’s. The consumer may not know the difference when purchasing full spectrum oil, aside from being turned off from lackluster results.

Compounding the problem is that once farmers plant a crop, there is little funding left over for processing. Most farmers have the option to turn to third-party toll processing many states away, or just leaving the harvest sit idle.

The result? Much of the hemp crop will go unprocessed, and some will go into long term storage, and degrade.

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