SDR01 hemp oil extraction using water by Infinity Supercritical • Aqueous Extraction

SDR01 (Water Extraction Demonstrator) [More Information]

This cart mounted (industrial metal frame on large casters), clear acrylic demonstrator, is perfect for your partners, investors, or funders, who want to see water extraction up close and personal.  This gives your group a stunning presentation that you can operate and generate full spectrum hemp oil cbd extracts, which can be used for samples, COA (certificate of analysis), or testing varieties of hemp for extraction components. Infinity Supercritical offers industrial hemp processors with water. Aqueous Extraction.

Price: $16,999 (includes crate, freight, and insurance to your lower 48 USA destination)
Lab Scale Processing: Demonstrate hydrodynamic cavitation for your buyers, investors, or just for your own proof of concept. Shipped in one crate. Roll-out and plug in to single phase 110V outlet.

Time to Build: 3 weeks (depending on order queue)

Major System Components (Built into one sturdy powder-coated modular cart with casters with laser engraved acrylic tabletop and lower deck):
A. Pre-Processing: Grind up your hemp flower into powder. Tabletop grinder.
B. Extraction Processing: Spinning Disc Reactor in clear acrylic tube to show real-time extraction and cavitation. Take photos, slo-mo, and movies of the process for your investors, or just for fun.
C. Separation and Filtration: Separation of botanical plant matter, water, and oil. Tabletop centrifugal separator.
Note: All components are separate and not connected. This is a demonstrator of the extraction process.

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