Start Processing Hemp into valuable Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Extract Right Out of the Machine

The New Revolution in Silent Running Supercritical CO2 Extraction – No Air Compressor Required – Start Your Botanical Oil Extraction Profits Today

Buy a new 10L system for $99,000 (2 week build).

December 20, 2018. Breaking News: 2018 Farm Bill signed into law … hemp cbd legal on a Federal basis January 1, 2019.

Note: Wisconsin hemp processors may see a payback as low as 8 days.


Silent Running and Saves Time and Your Money: No more loud air compressors. No more waiting 12-24 hours for your batch processor to complete its cycle. Your time is money. Use your time to make extracts faster. This system will result in less time spent with maintenance, or waiting for a long extraction process, and will provide you with more time that is spent extracting profit from Cannabis. This system provides a faster extraction and cuts your cycle time to extract more oil in less time. Silent operation. Less cycle time equals more runs per day, and more extract. 30 min 12% Yield and 120 min 18% Yield (hops)

Product: The 10L is a batch feed botanicals crude oil extractor, using supercritical CO2 technology, which is well proven in the food processing (coffee decaf) and pharmaceuticals industry. The system is used in this application with CO2 as the solvent to produce a full spectrum extraction. With further winterization processing, the resulting full-spectrum-oil is ready for sale as a concentrate, dab, terps, vape pen oil, skin care, medicinal, supplement, or food and beverage infusion.

Profits: The 10L allows processing of small amounts (number up machines for medium amounts) of botanicals extraction, compared to other batch reactors. Using our FlowBar, production is reduced down to 1-4 hours per cycle. This allows better processing efficiency, which saves labor and energy costs, and increases your profit potential.

Time: The 10L saves you time. The FlowBar methodology gets you finished product faster, and at less production cost.

Low Carry-Over (More Extracted Oil You Can Sell): Reducing carry-over saves time and parts costs in system maintenance, and puts more profit into your pocket. It also means less time spent on upkeep with the machine, and more time spent on extracting oil.

Target Oil and Reduce Post Processing Time (Save more than 50 percent of your time by targeting oil you want, not wax): Systems are designed to target oil production at pressures lower than 2,000 psi, which specifically can retain valuable terpenes, and emphasize oil harvesting, instead of waxes and other byproducts, which need to be removed in post processing.

Run 2 Months Without Pump Cleaning: Quiet, reliable, and lowest maintenance CO2 pump in the industry. We have one customer who has run his machine almost everyday for 2 months without cleaning his CO2 pump. We also are the first company to provide a bolt-on pump cleaner to clean your pump head in-place. We specialize in collecting the oil before it gets to the CO2 pump using our proprietary electrostatic collector. Others make you buy additional pumps, or require cleaning every few days.

Cleaning: Respect your equipment, and it will operate great. We recently had one customer comment that the 10L was a “gold mine” and was looking forward to his second machine, to make even more profit. Keeping a system clean so that it operates correctly is true with most equipment. We recommend always keeping your machine clean, and at least every 15 cycles do a thorough ethanol clean out of the system. If you do not clean your machine, expect that it will not work at all. We’ve had customers that don’t clean their machine at all, and they go through seals on a weekly basis, then wonder why it isn’t operating up to expectations. We’ve had a few groups return machines for repair, and all that was needed was a good machine cleaning. Have some respect for your profit center, and you’ll get great results.

System Components: 3 collection vessels with bottom exit valves, heat recovery system, CO2 preheat, electrostatic collection, FlowBar, spares package, shipping, crate, chiller, extra baskets, bolt on pump cleaner, training, support, pump head cleaning holder, vent tube and manifold, CO2 monitor, CO2 liquid sight-glass

CO2 Extraction System Full Configuration:

Capacity: 10 Liter (2-2.5 lbs trim and up to 5 lbs of flower)

Operation: Semi-Automatic Pressure: 2,000 psi

Power: 220V 60hz  Single Phase

Engineer Peer Reviewed: California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Arizona

Modular Fluid Extractor 10L – Run SubCritical or Supercritical CO2

System holds about 10 Liters volume of botanicals (inside extraction vessel is about 48 x 4 inches or 600 cubic inches or almost 10 L). The weight of the botanical will depend on whether it is pelletized (such as hops) or loose (trim or flower). Expect less weight for leafy material. We do not recommend finely ground material that cannot be contained within the 40 micron botanicals basket.

How it Works: High pressure liquid CO2 is pumped into a extraction vessel, which brings the CO2 supercritical as it goes into the separation/collection vessels. As the botanicals come in contact with the CO2, the oil is released into the CO2, since the CO2 acts as a solvent. The gas and oil (co-mingled) are released into the separation/collection vessel where the pressure drops and the botanical oil drops out as a liquid. The CO2 gas is then condensed back to a liquid via a small heat exchanger, and then recirculated through a CO2 pump to start the cycle over.


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