Hemp Oil Extraction: Infinity Supercritical New Opportunity In Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Extraction

Infinity Supercritical New Opportunity In Full Spectrum Oil Extraction From Hemp

by: Infinity Supercritical Staff     

Full Spectrum Oil

The hot consumer buy right now is hemp full spectrum oil. Touted as a herbal remedy to reduce inflammation, more studies are being done on the positive effects of hemp full spectrum oil.

Product can be branded and sold in many different forms, including lotions, microdot patches, salves, tea, vape pens, food/beverage infusions, and concentrated oil.

Purity is key, so independent testing is suggested. Quality starts at the farm, and pesticide free product is crucial to downstream product purity. Crops should be GMO free, and grown as far away from commercially tampered crops as much as possible.

Demand for anti-inflammatory products is high right now, due to the declining health of Americans from corporate greed and tainting our food supply (RoundUp, GMO, etc.), which results in inflammation. Full spectrum oil helps to relieve pain and inflammation. It also may prove to be a solution for the opioid epidemic.

PRODUCT: America is plagued with poor diets, inflammation of the body from poor environmental surroundings, and those seeking some relief from pain. 

While most of these can be addressed by a plant based diet (i.e. most body woes are the cause of animal products, and toxins that those animals eat that go right to your body), full spectrum oil from hemp may provide some relief.

Full spectrum oil is a great consumer product, when starting with pure raw materials, quality extraction, and verification by means of independent lab testing. Your buyer will then be assured of a quality product.

PROFIT: The hemp industry is in somewhat of a boom right now. The hemp flower is a good source of CBDs (cannabinoids) which have been found to reduce inflammation. 

The revenue stream is profitable in the processing and retail end, which emphasis on eco-friendly extraction of the oil using CO2, ethanol, and water extraction.

If you can vertically integrate your hemp acquisition, extraction, and product branding under one roof, you will be rewarded with the best profit margin. Profit methodology is dynamic, and should always be reviewed and improved upon, to hone in on margins.

TIME: Determining the best extraction method and equipment will determine your profit margin, and ultimately save you time. 

In many cases, efficiency gives you the edge over your competitor.

An efficient hemp oil extraction system will not only give you a fast and complete extraction, but will provide you with a good labor workflow, which provides both a positive and safe work environment for your workers. Good flow can mean good profits, since you’re eliminating duplication of tasks.

Most important is utilizing your production resources in the most efficient manner.

Full Spectrum Oil: The product reduces inflammation and discomfort by the active ingredient Cannabidiol or CBD.

Quality Extraction: Full spectrum oil is extracted using CO2, which preserve the qualities of the oil for the most benefits.


Supplements: Profits are made by branding your product, which may include supplements, infusions, lotion, and oil concentrates. 


Product Testing: Independent lab testing of purity is important to a well trusted branded product. Testing begins at harvest.


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