Infinity Supercritical Hemp Processors SDR 2000 – Eco Water Extraction Process

Infinity Supercritical is pleased to announce the SDR2000. The continuous feed extractor is perfect for hemp processing to CBD isolate (requires post processing).


Images of plant cell before and after Hydro SDR (spinning disc reactor):



Infinity Supercritical has developed a continuous feed eco-extraction (2,000 lbs per day) industrial botanicals system. This system uses common distilled water as the solvent, which provides a completely hydrocarbon or CO2 solvent free extraction method, which is the first organic extraction method to be introduced into the hemp industry.

The system is closed-loop and recycles the distilled water through a series of elegant, but simple, mechanical separation methods.

The modular system has a ROI payback within two weeks, when used as part of processing hemp into CBD isolate.

For more information, please visit the Infinity Supercritical website.


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