Infinity Supercritical Review: 7 Marijuana Companies That Could Win the American Market

7 Marijuana Companies That Could Win the American Market

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1. This article discusses the publicly available financial state of seven of the largest marijuana industry players in the U.S.

2. Marijuana, as a Federally classified Schedule 1 Narcotic, remains a restrictive industry on a national scale. Large enterprises serving the marijuana market are not able to list on, quote – exchanges like the New York Exchange and Nasdaq – unquote.

3. Many of the large companies opt to list, quote – on the Canadian Securities Exchange – unquote, and the U.S. OTC Market.

4. Curaleaf, started by Boris Jordan and Andrei Blokh, quote – is licensed to open up to 61 shops – unquote, across 13 states. With, quote – 42 up and running, it lost $41 million on sales of $55 million – unquote, in the first nine months of last year.

5. Started in Arizona with 13 dispensaries, Harvest Health and Recreation has, quote – approval for 86 locations … across 12 states – unquote. They were profitable from January to September of 2018 with sales of $30 million

6. Green Thumb Industries is headquartered in Chicago and manages 20 stores with licenses for 83 additional in the work. They have a presence in 10 states.

7. Acreage Holdings, quote – is licensed in the most states: 19 to date – unquote. They also have strong advisory board including former House Speaker John Boehner.

8. Targeting the high end of the market, MedMen, operates 30, quote – sleek stores in high-priced haunts like Beverly Hills and Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue – unquote. The costs associated with building their top shelf brand have, quote – run hug losses – unquote, on nine month sales of $74 million. A current merger with PharmaCann will give them a total of 78 locations in 12 states.

9. Trulieve Cannabis, located in Florida, has been the most profitable of the seven mentioned in this article, earning, quote – $32 million on sales of $67 million – unquote. Operating 24 medical marijuana dispensaries they are currently challenging the states retail license cap which may give them room to expand.

10. The final company on the list is iAnthus Capital Holdings, which now has, quote – 63 retail licenses in 11 states – unquote. With $39 million in sales they had, quote – big losses – unquote, in the first nine months of 2018.

11. As the legal marijuana market continues to mature and expand to more states it will be interesting to watch these seven players to see who can turn their early investments into long term profits.

Source: Alpert B. 7 Marijuana Companies That Could Win the American Market. Barron’s. February 2019. https://www. Accessed February 18, 2019.


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