Infinity Supercritical Investor Series: Hemp CBD Oil Extraction – Need For Processors

Hemp CBD Oil Extraction – Need For Processors

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Date: 2/1/2019

Reinventing Botanical Extraction

With the incessant demand for consumer grade hemp CBD rich products, along with CBD isolate for product infusion, there is a bottleneck between harvest and concentrate extraction. This is because most farmers don’t have funding or capabilities to perform extraction. Third party extractors, (termed toll processors) often demand a 50 percent toll for their services, many of which won’t verify if they actually return your extract. Unfortunately, there aren’t many processors available and many are unreliable.

Of the extraction systems available on the market, they are high-priced, legacy-based systems that perform inefficiently, and effectively cause a bottleneck in processing.

Infinity Supercritical recognized these inherencies in 2015, and established a line of technologically advanced extraction systems.


Hemp Extraction: Large quantities of hemp need to be extracted at harvest time to preserve the unique medicinal qualities of the plant oil.

Batch Processing: The industry currently has large batch processing systems, which limit capability.

Solvents: Most processing is focussed on using solvents like butane, ethanol, and CO2.

Response Time: Extraction times are usually slow, and don’t match market demand.

Old Technology: Current extraction systems are based on 60 year old technology.


Infinity Supercritical offers a full spectrum line of technologically advanced equipment.

Low Value Hemp Processing: fast 1 hour ethanol extraction and winterization system using a magnetic mixer.

High Value Hemp Extraction: High quality oil extraction Supercritical CO2 system.

Large Volume: Continuous feed, push-button extraction using water. Spinning Disc Reactor (SDR) system.

Eco Extraction: SDR uses water, and the only technology in the industry to introduce eco-extraction as a green branding process.

Why Now ?

Timing: The market has a high demand for CBD rich hemp products. 

Opportunity for this market exists as processors scramble to meet demand, with legacy extraction systems. 

Profits: While the price of CBD rich consumer products is high, so is the profit. As the market gets saturated, the profit margin will decline.

Green products, with environmentally friendly processing, lead to brand loyalty and set the standard for product expectations.

Market domination will be held by large, efficient, processors that result in expanding profits.

For Hemp CBD Investors and Funding Groups: Please read our strategy and methodology on how to capitalize extraction systems, and grow vertically into this botanical oils market. PDF: 20190129-infinity-supercritical-hemp-cbd-investor-strategy

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