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If you are looking for hemp cbd oil, full spectrum hemp oil, or hemp cbd isolate (crystal), please contact us.

Please specify type of extraction, which can typically mean you can offer a premium product to your customers:

A. Hydro (eco-extraction) using water as the solvent: Full Spectrum Oil and eco-extracted CBD isolate crystal.

B. Ethanol Extraction: Concentrate and Isolate Crystal

C. Premium Value CO2 Extraction: Full Spectrum Oil, Concentrate, Isolate Crystal, and terpene free concentrate or crystals (no flavor for food additive such as beef jerky, food products, chocolate, and beverages). Note: on the retail level, premium CO2 extracted hemp cbd can bring twice the value than ethanol or other extraction methods. Suggest that you label as a certified product, and independently lab tested and verified.

Our customers who own CO2 extraction equipment may be able to supply your needs.

Minimum yearly commitment is $50,000 and above.

Please contact Infinity Supercritical at:

TEL: (720) 541-9113
​Sales and Email: greg@infinitysupercritical.com
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