Wisconsin Hemp Processors Return on Investment 3 Days Payback Based on CO2 Extraction System

Estimated Payback Return-on-investment Calculation

Using the Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 Extraction System

Location: Wisconsin

Material: Hemp Flower – High Density

Cost: $50/lb 

Work Shift: 8 Hours    Production Grams Extract Per Day: 605 grams

Gross Sales Per Day: $12,106 – Costs = $11,757 Net Income Per Day

PDF Payback: 20181129-infinity-supercritical-roi-net-income-per-day-29650


Processing Notes: 

1. For extraction equipment only.

2. If you need any post-processing equipment, that may double the estimated payback.

3. Does not include any labor or expenses for bottling, if selling as finished product.

4. Does not include any facilities rent/lease cost.

5. Based on prices as of 11/29/2018 in Wisconsin.

Contact Info: 

Website: https://infinitysupercritical.com

Email: greg@infinitysupercritical.com

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