How To Make Profit in The Cannabis and Hemp Botanical Industry Using Licensing and Building Your Own Brand


Infinity Supercritical LLC is the leading botanical extraction innovator in the industry. Infinity is offering licensing of the CO2 extraction and post-processing equipment for a Build-Your-Own-Brand business model. You purchase a license, then have unlimited build and sales using our technology and your brand.

Here are some comments we have recently received from the industry…

Why Build Your Own Brand ? Infinity is offering this industry-first to build a company around existing IP and developed technology. This saves you years of product building, and lots of money. Tap in to the high-growth market of extraction, with well-proven technology and profit-making equipment.

Why Don’t You Covet This Technology, Keep it Secret, and Shit on Your Competitors, Like Everybody Else in the Industry ? Because we’re not like that. We’d rather build a community of profit-wise, business-wise people, that believe in mutual profit and harmony. We have so much technology to develop, we’d rather see our technology out in the botanicals industry building profit, instead of anger and frustration. We’re not giving anything away. Want some insight ? Read the book, Extreme Ownership, and you’ll get some fascinating insight on how to build profit.

Extreme Ownership

With Oversupply of Botanicals, the Botanicals Industry Has Tanked. You’re Just Trying to Get Out With Some Cash. Tail Between Your Legs Right ? Nope, we’re trying to coach production extraction to made the goal profit, instead of short-sighted cash-flow. We suggest building a brand, not wholesale sales with zero profit. Plus we emphasize extraction equipment that is energy efficient, not energy hogs. Pork is out, efficiency is in. We have a product that extracts and makes the best extract in the industry. Build a vertically integrated product from grow-to-consumer, and control every step along the way. Follow the herd mentality, and make zero profit, or do something different, and make the long-term play.

With Oversupply, You Can’t Make Any Money. So Why Bother Selling Equipment To Those Going Under ? Plenty of people pan for gold, and lose money doing it. Then there are others with a plan, that make lots of money (profit). But you probably don’t see them because they’re not bragging on Social Media. They’re not Tweeting, FaceBooking, or on IG. The smart business people start with a plan, and develop a methodology, and most important, follow-through with that plan. They may not brag about their profit, but you can be sure that they have a clue on how to keep it. They target both the grower for a clean fresh supply of botanicals, and then target the niche market consumer demand for the end product (i.e. your brand). It’s a simple recipe, that almost nobody follows in the industry. The legacy theory of Grow And They Will Come doesn’t work. It’s been proven that just growing, doesn’t work for long-term vertically integrated profits. Just ask around. Then look at those who are making money (profit) and you’ll see a well-oiled machine that is well thought-out.

But Nobody Has Any Money, Because Oversupply has Driven Prices So Low, So Why Are You Blowing Sunshine Up My Ass ? In the lower end of the market, you are correct. Wholesale prices are tanked, and oversupply has been very bad for the market. So has product tainted by BHO, pesticides, herbicides, and other junk. So offer something different. There is a high demand for medicinal botanicals right now. Just look at the booming supplement industry. Coca Cola has just announced it will start introducing a botanical ingredient into one of its sodas for its anti-imflammatory effects. It’s short sighted to just look at one small snap-shot of the industry, but instead look at the long term play, and do so with profit in mind, not just paying bills.

Looks Like There Are Lots of Players in the CO2 Equipment Market Right Now, How Do You Differentiate Between Them ? Most are upstarts, with little to no experience or track record. Similar to the computer industry in the 1980’s and 1990’s there were lots of new faces, but most were running the same chips and guts, Intel Inside. Infinity plans on being the premiere supplier of technology.

If You’re Doing So Great, Why Are You Giving Away The Farm ?  We’re not. We’re selling technology licensing, and using the funding to further develop our water extraction, solid state chiller, air extraction, and electrostatic extraction technology.

The Botanicals Industry Is Limited. Heck, We All Know That Americans Have the Worst Diet Ever, We’re Fat, Obese, And The Medical System Is Out Of Control. But Even With All That Anti-Inflammatory Botanical Extracts To Help Out, It’s Still a Limited Market, So What’s Next. Can Your Extraction Systems Be Used For Anything Else? Yes, you have a point there. Even with all of our inflammation, the Botanical Extracts can certainly help some symptoms, and helps to satisfy our need for a one-step-pill or one-step-dose solution (i.e. magic pill), but the long term play will be in the high-tech industry. Infinity has already identified quantum dots, silver nano-particles, and even graphene as potential materials that our extraction equipment can manufacture, or at least as part of the manufacturing process. Those are the building block materials for smart phone and TV screens, solar panels, and other integrated circuits, and even building materials (composites). Supercritical CO2 has already been identified as a possible solution for our lithium ion battery and the cobalt recycling problem (see links at end of this page). Our Fast Filter technology can be used for filtering graphene and also for filtering the high net profit Spirulina (health and beauty solution) algae supplement industry.

Why Are You Not Like All of the Other Equipment Manufacturers, What Makes What You’re Doing So Special ? In a word, transperancy. We believe you need to show some of your hand at what you’re doing, and not try deceptive manipulation using Social Media. We don’t slant Social Media reviews, we don’t sugar coat reality. We don’t alter perceptions. Those are tricks right out of the movies, Cold War, and the dark side. We give you the straight dope, good or bad. Why ? Because we believe you can change the course of the market, with ingenuity, and business smarts. If someone calls and asks us about an Apeks machine, we tell them it’s a good product (you probably can’t go wrong with it), but ours has better technology, and you’ll make profit faster with our machine. Yeah, we’ve heard the folks over at Eden Labs don’t like us, a few of their sales people will even put in a few bad words for us, but if that’s how they do business, let them thrive at it. Eden has good machines, and they’re one of the industry leaders, but I think you can do better with our systems.

Why Don’t you Work With Leasing Companies, I Can’t Afford A System ! The best story ? A leasing company in Denver wanted our business really bad, so we finally gave them a customer of ours who wanted to buy our system. The leasing company promptly took our customer over to Apeks, and sold them one of their machines. Yup, you got it. That’s how nice the industry plays. You can guess we don’t work with leasing companies any more. Lesson learned. We have priced our systems below the competition, and have some innovative financing solutions to help you out. But your best financing method is you. Pick a profit making strategy that helps you build cash flow into profit, so you don’t need financing. While the guy next door can’t even pay bills with cash flow, you can take your profit, and enhance your operations by deploying money saving techniques to reduce labor time, reduce energy bills, and increase your customer base, all along while making your profit margin larger and larger. But best of all, our machines have a much faster extraction cycle than anybody else in the CO2 world, which means you’re turning out better product, faster, which means more money in your pocket. It’s a better long term play, if you want to stay alive in the industry.

Dude, My Chi Doesn’t Wake Up Until 1:30 ! There’s no hack for discipline. If you want to make a profit, you have to fight for it. It’s hard work. Sorry, but you will have to put in hard work, to get a return. It’s called life. While your Bro is still sleeping, you’re up excited about making a long term strategy to make a profit. This concept of the Mary Millionaire, and Cash Cowboy, it bogus. Yeah, somebody may have made some money in the early days, but only the savvy business person is making a profit now. Everybody can make cash flow, but only the smart ones make a profit. Cash flow is short term, and digs you a rabbit hole. A profit strategy is the long term play, and allows you to take over the competition, and will determine your staying power.

I Don’t Want To Badmouth Anybody Here, But Where’s My Free Stuff ? So we gave you a discount to help you out and get started, and now you sold your system to your bro, and he wants free support. He really can’t afford anything, because he sells his stuff below the already low priced market.  Now he’s mad. And he likes to post on Social Media, that he’s unhappy. News flash – our shop workers actually get up and are at work at 8am. They have families to feed. They have car payments. Yes, we have bills too. We don’t run a charity, we run what is called a business. On the plus side, we’re happy to help you strategize to make money, make profit. We’re happy to show you how to run equipment to minimize energy costs, reduce extraction time, and build a product that nobody else has. Working together always is better than trying to escalate conflict. Be positive, and be creative.

Hey Man, My System Isn’t Working Right. What’s Up ? The great thing about developing new products and innovation is wrapping in common pitfalls of operators, to make the holy-grail of systems into one push-button operation, that requires no training, no common sense, no ability. Sorry, nobody in the industry is there yet. But we’re close with our Spinning Disc Reactor technology. Where did automation start ? Apeks was one of the first groups to try the push-button theory using a automated system, but they struggle with power failures (that automatically dump the CO2), software updates, and other hurdles. I commend them for being a industry leader, and trying to address the operator issue, they’re on the right track, but with the wrong equipment. It’s like trying to automate a 1890’s steam engine, or your great-great-grandads Model T Ford with cruise control. Infinity is leap-frogging the ancient steam-gauge mentality of the CO2 extraction world, by bringing in new technology. Every CO2 manufacturer puts in CO2 at one end of a Stainless Steel vessel, and exits out the other. Infinity was the first to develop, test, and deploy FlowBar, which essentially is a perforated CO2 delivery pipe, that runs the full length of the vessel, which quickly and efficiently delivers CO2 to all of the botanicals. Infinity also has electrostatic precipitation, which helps collect the extract more efficiently. But equally important is our training and learning regime.

What are the Most Important Development Tools You’re Learned ? Listen to customers. Take problems and make them into solutions. Fail fast, learn faster. It might seem cliche, but we actually do listen to customers. We spend most of our time testing new ideas, trying out new techniques (30/30 extraction method), and trying to debunk myths.



A. Fast Filter Dewax 5L and 10L Machine Licensing (USA): One time fee of $49,000

Options include: Exclusive territory, drop-ship services

B. Fast Winterization 5 Gallon Bucket Machine Licensing (USA): One time fee of $49,999

Options include: Exclusive territory, drop-ship services

C. Supercritical CO2 10L System Licensing (USA): One time fee of $99,999

Options include: Exclusive territory, drop-ship services, web-page listing on Infinity Supercritical website

Build Your Own Brand Licensing Supercritical CO2 10L System Description: If you are interested in licensing our 10L Supercritical CO2 Extractor, we are offering a build license for the 10L Infinity Supercritical CO2 System for a one-time fee of $99,999

Licensing includes:

  • 10L Build Plans (CAD/CAM blueprints, component, assembly, PID, flow)
  • Suppliers
  • Training
  • Parts Sources
  • Robust and Well-Proven Design
  • Engineer Peer Reviewed and Certified for Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and California
  • Drop-ship Option (you get the order from the customer, send us payment, we build and ship the order to your customer directly)
  • Build Your Own Brand: You may put on your own brand name on the equipment, with your own color scheme
  • Ability to Sell FlowBar and TriboTube as Retrofits for any other CO2 extraction system
  • Parts Sales for Existing CO2 Extraction Systems
  • Consulting for Existing or New CO2 Extraction Systems
Infinity Supercritical Licensing Build Your Own Brand

Our Innovations (click on link to view)

Background of Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction Innovation: In a study of the systems produced and sold by Eden Labs, Apeks and Waters, there were a few common elements which they all possess, and which limit their use.

(1) Restrictive Flow – by using 1/16 inch, 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch tubes to connect components, flow of the solvent is restricted (in some cases choked or completely clogged). Infinity uses 1/2 inch or larger diameter high pressure tubing to connect components, which results in 4-64 times more flow rate of CO2 solvent. Higher flow results in less processing time, which means more profit for the processor.


(2) Old Technology – the industry leaders currently use technology that is more than 40 years old.

(3) Pump Technology – using diaphragm CO2 gas pumps require a separate air compressor in most cases, require an additional air compressor (and chiller). For larger piston type gas compressors, a chiller is required to cool the work of the compressor (which creates heat as a byproduct). For liquid pumps used in Eden Labs and Waters, the pump head seals and valves fail so quickly, so processors have up to four standby pumps on hand when they fail. In all cases, the industry has tried to adapt off-the-shelf available pumps to little success. Infinity redesigned the pump-head so that it is hot-swappable and can be replaced in a matter of minutes. We have focused on CO2 grade seals and technology, instead of forcing the processor to have multiple standby pumps because of seals which fail quickly. We are also working on a cavitation pump, which eliminates all inherent pump issues.

(4) Lab Grade Systems – if you look at the extraction systems offered by the industry, you’ll see lab grade aluminum racks and supports. Infinity offers a custom, modular industrial steel frame, with casters for mobility and a size which fits through any standard door and in any elevator. This modular approach ships easier, and allows for faster set-up and more convenient operation.

(5) Oil Collection – industry is using old technology pressure drop to extract oil, and water jacketed vessels powered by chillers to maintain temperature. Typically, some oil does not get collected and moves through the pumping system. This is called “carry-over” oil. It clogs moving parts and pumps.

The Infinity Modular Fluid Extractor (MFE) is the next step forward for the botanicals extraction industry. The innovative CO2 FlowBar system and reduces processing time by 25-400 percent. The separation/collection backpressure (BPV) valves allow selectable pressures for fractional distillation.  We have decreased extraction time to 1-4 hours per cycle.

Features of the MFE (Modular Fluid Extractor):Dimensions:  24 x 48 x 71 inches (optimized to fit through a standard doorway and elevator) 610 mm x 1219 mm x 1803 mm Weight: 850 lbs

Base System: 10L Volume (2-2.5 pounds of trim and 4-5 pounds of flower depending on density)

High Capacity CO2 Pump:  Industrial CO2 proprietary modified liquid pump, powered by an electrical motor.  No need for external air compressor. Low noise compared to other extraction systems on the market. Runs virtually silent, reducing operator fatigue. Lower maintenance.

Modular Caster Beam Frame: Each industrial metal frame is mounted on lockable casters, so the unit can easily be repositioned by one person. Frames can be interlocked side-by-side or vertically, to increase production. Frames are 100 percent modular, expandable, and recyclable.

Modular Block Fluid System and FlowBar: Using our patented fluid handling system (modular manifold blocks), the system reduces tubing between components, and with 1/4 and 1/2 inch tubing has higher flow rates for better solvent penetration into the botanicals. The new FlowBar allows fast cycle times which we are still developing that will allow a 45/45 minute cycle time versus 6-12 hours with other systems.

Capacity: The standard system is designed for 10 Liters, or about 2-5 pounds of botanicals depending on botanicals density.  This will produce about 225 grams of extract, depending on available oil in the input botanicals. Output product depending on technique and post processing includes concentrate, live resin, shatter, crumb and oil for vape pens. Most extract needs post processing. One customer reports, “The only post processing I do now is use a vacuum oven on a very low temp just to dehydrate the hydrosols.  The end result is a beautiful HTFSE that needs no carrier and can be loaded directly into vape pens for a tasty solventless extract.”

Sound: Because there is no need for an external air compressor, the system is virtually silent. The only sound is the liquid pump, which is completely sealed. Low ambient sounds results is less operator fatigue. Without the need for other machinery, acquisition, energy, and maintenance costs are reduced. There is no need for a external air compressor (like other extraction systems).

Fractionalizing Output: There are three independently controlled separation/collection vessels, which allow processing of one or more fractions.

Technology Expansion: The modular concept of the frame and sub-components allow easy integration of new technology, to enhance the system effectiveness and profitability.

System Control: The system and process control is provided by a VFD and PID controllers. Optional Remote Communications Protocol RS-232 and Modbus allow a sophisticated communications which can be accessed by computer, iPhone or iPad.  Optional datalogging is provided by a unique Filemaker database solution, which can easily be customized.

Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) Using TriboTube: Infinity is the first in the industry to introduce a static charge into the entrained extracted oil. The static charge is produced passively using tribo-effect simply by the CO2 expanding over a food-grade plastic, so no external power required for the precipitator. This helps in collecting the oil more efficiently, and reduces or eliminates carry-over.


The Role of Sub- and Supercritical CO2 as “Processing Solvent” for the Recycling and Sample Preparation of Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes.

Recovery of cobalt from spent lithium-ion batteries using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.

Extraction of Organic Carbonate Based Electrolytes with Supercritical Carbon Dioxide for a High Efficient Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries

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Graphite Recycling from Spent Lithium‐Ion Batteries

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