Infinity Supercritical 10L Fast Filter Now Available for Algae and Spirulina Harvesting

Infinity Supercritical is pleased to announce that its successful series of Fast Filters can be used in the aquaculture industry, specifically for harvesting algae and Spirulina. We recommend experimenting with various filter sizes, but starting with a 25 micron filter.

Infinity Supercritical 10L Fast Filter Comparison to the Drain Droyd from ExtraktLAB United Science

Compare to Drain Droyd – Infinity System includes vacuum pump and lower purchase price.

Order Filters Online for Fast Filter or Drain Droyd: Click here for online store  for filters as low as 100 for $200 ! Compare to Drain Droyd paper filters at $435.



The goal of fast filtering is to remove desired components from a liquid solution. Inexpensive paper filters can be used, or you can install a continuous roll filter (paper or reusable cloth).

The Infinity Supercritical Fast Filter has a vacuum pump (built from off-the-shelf parts that are easy to replace if needed).

Both feature stainless steel collection vessels, while the Drain Droyd has all stainless construction. The Infinity Supercritical Fast Filter uses food grade HDPE for both the pour filter bowl, and the table top, which has the added feature of giving the operator work space to hold pour vessels, paper filters, and a working storage space. The Drain Droyd requires an additional table to assist with the filter operation, and the optional vacuum pump is usually put on the floor next to the Droyd cart.

While the Infinity Supercritical Fast Filter is twice as big for its footprint, it has a self-contained 110V vacuum pump, pump motor, VFD, and breaker, as well as the table top (which can be expanded to 10L pour dual bowl filters). The industrial cart has the signature Infinity powdercoat green caster beams and 5 inch swivel lockable casters. The frame is 100 percent recylable, and can easily fit through any standard door, hallway, or elevator.

Both systems can use paper filters, and other filter media, depending on the components you wish to filter or remove from the solution.

Infinity Supercritical has also identified the Fast Filter as a great candidate for filtering high tech materials, such as graphene. The common use of the Fast Filter is in the cannabis and hemp industry for dewaxing winterized solutions.

PDF Review: 20180501-infinity-supercritical-dewax-system-comparison-10L

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