Infinity Supercritical Review: Vacuum Bagging Extending Cannabis and Hemp Shelf Life

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Vacuum Bagging Extending Cannabis and Hemp Shelf Life

1. How do you store marijuana products to extend shelf-life ? 

2. How do you store harvest to allow for processing ?

3. Vacuum packing solution.

4. Most commercial vacuum bag machines can do thousands of seals in a day, so they have better endurance than standard household kitchen machines.

5. Vacuum bag machines require a vacuum pump or compressor.

6. Vacuum sealing can utilize the benefits of nitrogen flushing.

7. Nitrogen flushing can allow all oxygen to be purged, and then replaced with nitrogen, which allow the contents to remain fresh and un-crushed.

8. Nitrogen acts as a preservative.

9. Vacuum sealing can add longer shelf-life while preserving the pristine look of a bud.

10. You can do small or large bags.

11. Other uses of vacuum bagging are in the food preservation industry.

12. Staff Note: Vacuum bagging is also used in a different format, to seal resin into carbon fiber, and used to laminate wood together with glue. A vacuum is a great vise.

Source: Marijuana Venture Magazine. October 26, 2014 issue.

Review by: Staff


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