Infinity Supercritical Extraction Test 171 of Cascade Hops Terpene Run June 12th, 2018

May 2018 testing by Infinity Supercritical to determine 60 minutes baseline extraction run with Cascade hops.

PDF Test Result: 20180612-infinity-supercritical-extraction-test-171-hops-terpenes-60min

Video of Testing: Cascade Hops Terpenes Video

Equipment Configuration: Infinity Supercritical 10L Vertical Extraction, 40:1 Gearbox, TriboTube Down Tubes (for electrostatic precipitation), CO2 FlowBar, Small Heat Exchanger, Botanicals Basket, Insulated Chiller Lines, Chiller set to 30 F, PID’s, Stock Valves, Check Valve, PID Controlling Pressure in Reservoir. For this test there is a new prototype extraction removing tool.

Processing Test Run Dynamics: Infinity Supercritical Cascade Hops botanical oil extraction. 454 grams of Cascade hops.

CO2 holding tank ran dry after about 12 minutes, briefly shut down to quickly add CO2 to bottom of holding tank sight glass. Machine ran well after CO2 was added, and heat read about 65, 45, 45 with no heat applied. Machine ran well with heat on collection chambers. Ran dry early on, added to bottom of sight glass. During second run heat read about 68, 85, 85. Machine ran well during supercritical run, with no stalls and even readings. Very nice color on CC1 final extract. Terpenes were darker and very liquid, some extract in second terpene run.

Yesterday we did 3 runs, the first was an hour starting at 1,200 psi with no heat at all. The results were 1.8 grams in CC1, 3.4 grams in CC2, and 1.7 grams in CC3. The yield in all 3 collection chambers was very runny and had a darker color than normal extract. The second run was an hour starting at 1,200 psi with collection chamber heat being turned on at 1,000 psi. The results were bigger in the second run but also collected extract in CC1 (only terpenes in CC2 and CC3). The terpenes and extract in the second run was again a dark color. The terpenes weighed out to 10.3 grams in CC2 and 3.7 grams in CC3. The total weight of the extract and terpenes from the second run was 29.3 grams. The final run was a normal extraction for one hour from the time the EV hit 89 degrees. The extracted oil from the third run weighed out to a total of 19.8 grams. The oil had a great yellow color and was a little runny. The overall total of terpenes and oil from the three one hour runs came out to 53.6 grams.20180612-infinity-supercritical-extraction-test-171-hops-terpenes-60min-08.JPG





More Information: For more information on the supercritical CO2 system, or the Fast Filter dewaxing machine for removing waxes from winterized solutions for cannabis or hemp CBD oil, please visit Infinity Supercritical.

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