Infinity Supercritical Hemp Processors Special: Buy a 100L System Now, then apply the full $599,000 Purchase Price towards a Trade-up 800L SDR

Infinity Supercritical is pleased to announce a special for hemp growers and processors. If you purchase a 100L CO2 system from Infinity, we’ll apply the full purchase price towards a 800L SDR. This allows you to start extracting profits from the hemp industry now, and have access to cutting edge technology for next year.

Infinity Supercritical is developing a 800L (100+ lbs/hr) industrial botanicals extraction system. This system uses common distilled water as the solvent, which provides a completely hydrocarbon or CO2 solvent free extraction method, which is the first organic extraction method to be introduced into the Cannabis industry.

The system is closed-loop and recycles the distilled water through a series of elegant, but simple, mechanical separation methods. The spent botanicals can be recycled and composed, or remediated through a add-on module which converts the plant matter to CO2 by using a patented system.

The modular system has a ROI payback within days, when used as part of processing hemp into CBD isolate.

The system can also be used for the continuous production of sliver nanoparticles and graphene, which may be our future solar cell and battery technology. These are the same technologies that are being looked at and developed by Apple, Google, and Tesla.

For more information, please visit the Infinity Supercritical website.

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