Infinity Supercritical Extraction Test of Flax Seed for CBD like components June 5th, 2018


June 2018 testing by Infinity Supercritical to determine extraction techniques for flax seed to obtain CBD like components.

PDF Test Result: 20180605-infinity-supercritical-extraction-test-168-flax-150min

Equipment Configuration: Infinity Supercritical 10L Vertical Extraction, 40:1 Gearbox, TriboTube Down Tubes (for electrostatic precipitation), CO2 FlowBar, Small Heat Exchanger, 2 5L Botanicals Basket (used top one), Insulated Chiller Lines, Chiller set to 30 F, PID’s, Stock Valves, Check Valve, PID Controlling Pressure in Reservoir (set to 715 psi).

Processing Test Run Dynamics: Infinity Supercritical 2.5 hour run with 454 grams (1 pound) of flax seed. From time EV reaches 89 F. Flax seed placed into top of two 5L botanical baskets.





More Information: For more information on the supercritical CO2 system, or the Fast Filter dewaxing machine for removing waxes from winterized solutions for cannabis or hemp CBD oil, please visit Infinity Supercritical.

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