Infinity Supercritical Insitu Winterization Test With Fast Filter Dewaxing to Reduce Winterization Time by Flash Freezing Extract Using CO2

May 2018 testing by Infinity Supercritical to determine advantage of insitu winterization as part of the machine cycle.

Video: Infinity Supercritical 10L Insitu Winterization Flash Freeze Using CO2

Equipment Configuration: Infinity Supercritical 10L Vertical Extraction, 40:1 Gearbox, TriboTube Down Tubes (for electrostatic precipitation), Flow Bar, Small Heat Exchanger, No Basket, Insulated Chiller Lines, Chiller set to 30 F, PID’s, Stock Valves, Check Valve, PID Controlling Pressure in Reservoir (set to 715 psi). Use Extraction Vessel (EV) venting to produce Flash Freezing in Collection Vessels.

Processing Test Run Dynamics: Infinity Supercritical testing insitu winterization (as part of the 10L extraction cycle) of leaving botanical oil extract in collection vessels, adding ethanol, and then venting CO2 from extraction vessel to flash winterize botanical oil/ethanol solution. Then take solution and run through Fast Filter to dewax solution.

The solution was the botanical oil/ethanol mixture from the previous 10 percent ethanol extraction run.

The Fast Filter did collect some wax. Follow-up tests will be run with standard botanical extraction dynamics (not with ethanol cosolvent, which tends to make extraction a green hue).

Insitu Winterization of Botanical Oil and Ethanol Dewaxed by the Infinity Supercritical Fast Filter (time to filter about 30 seconds)

The primary advantage is to save 12-24 hours of freezer time for winterization, utilizing CO2 as a flash freezer, in the machine.


More Information: For more information on the supercritical CO2 system, or the Fast Filter dewaxing machine for removing waxes from winterized solutions for cannabis or hemp CBD oil, please visit Infinity Supercritical.

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