May 2018 Test of Infinity Supercritical 10L System Testing of Botanical Oil Extraction With the Use of a Loading Basket for Botanicals – Control Test

PDF: 20180523-infinity-supercritical-extraction-test-160-hops-150min

May testing by Infinity Supercritical to determine any differences by using botanical baskets, or running without baskets. This test is the control test, using a botanical basket.

Equipment Configuration: Infinity Supercritical 10L Vertical Extraction, 40:1 Gearbox, TriboTube Down Tubes (for electrostatic precipitation), Flow Bar, Small Heat Exchanger, No Basket, Insulated Chiller Lines, Chiller set to 30 F, PID’s, Stock Valves, Check Valve, PID Controlling Pressure in Reservoir (set to 715 psi).


Background: The use of a basket to hold botanicals, was an industry first by Infinity Supercritical. It allows fast turn-around of machine cycles, since the extraction vessel (EV) does not need to be vacuumed out. It also allows high-end flower product to be quickly stored and cyrogenically flash frozen, for use in live resin extractions. In this test, we see what the result of using the Infinity Supercritical 10L system without the basket. In this test, botanicals are placed directly into the vertical Extraction Vessel for processing. At the end of the cycle, a shop vac is used to remove the botanicals.

Processing Test Run Number 160 Dynamics: 2.5 hours Cascade Hops run. With standard stainless steel 48 inch basket. 454 grams of Cascade Hops (whole leaf).

Run Summary: Nice light yellow color, all of yield in CC1, machine very stable for temperature and pressure and no stalls. 43 grams of extract oil collected. Noticeably less yield than the 30/30 test run, and less yield than the no-basket test. More tests to follow.





More Information: For more information on the supercritical CO2 system, or the Fast Filter dewaxing machine for removing waxes from winterized solutions for cannabis or hemp CBD oil, please visit Infinity Supercritical.

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