Swiss Bank Reserve, Gold-based Crypto Currency using Dapp Loom Network based LIB and IC Chip Precious Metal Recycling Stations using Supercritical CO2 Recovery Methods

PDF: 20180522-infinity-electrostatics-metal-based-cryptocurrency-blockchain

Infinity Electrostatics is working on adapting the Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extraction system to work with LIB (Lithium Ion Battery) recycling.

In addition, Infinity Turbine is also developing a similar Supercritical CO2 turbine system platform, that can recycle IC (integrated circuits) chip metal (silver, gold, cobalt, and others), while harvesting the waste heat for power.

Part of this work is developing a Dapp (decentralized application) for blockchain Loom (or new industrial blockchain) network applications that will allow Supercritical CO2 recycling systems to purchase blockchain cryptocurrency with the recycled silver, gold, cobalt, lithium, and other precious and semi-precious metals. This new app will have precious metal blockchain backing (reserves held in Swiss Banks), unlike current blockchain methodology. Third part confirmed gold/silver reserves will back the crypto currency in a Swiss bank. Shipments of metal actually occur, and recyclers are paid in cryptocurrency.

Unlike current blockchain, this gives access to metal recyclers to international currency, and is based on supply of reserves instead of imaginary currency, and gives the crypto currency some legitimacy. The new term is MBCC, or Metal Based Crypto Currency.

Miners are not tied to random networks, but part of the actual Supercritical CO2 recycling systems, with a dedicated A6 chip that is task specific on blockchain confirmation mining. These distributed applications will remap the world technology landscape. For more information on Dapps, Google or look here.

Why is this solution great for the environment ? This methodology does multiple tasks at once. First, it recycles metals, which would normally be landfilled, or abandoned. Second, it reduces pressure on virgin metal mining, and acquisition. Third, the recycling systems themselves are very energy efficient, and can power their own blockchain miners. For the cryptocurrency space, it provides a backing to a crypto-currency, which ties an imaginary unit to an actual reserve in a Swiss Bank. The reserves can be bought and sold in exchange for certificates, which provide paper tracking to the real metal exchanged. The actual currency is derived from the amount of recycled gold, so there is not a cap on valuation. This encourages recycling, and shifts the demand from virgin mining (which reduces the environmental impact and human labor abuses).

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