Infinity Supercritical Review: Spinning Disc Reactor – A novel processing machine for the food and chemical industry

Spinning Disc Reactor – A novel processing machine for the food and chemical industry



Spinning Disc Reactor – A novel processing machine for the food and chemical industry

1) An SDR is, quote – basically, a rotating disc, that can be heated or cooled, and is fed with one or more liquids at its center- unquote. What makes it attractive to food processing is its ability to efficiently mix materials, transfer heat, and transfer mass.

2) According to the presenter, SDR’s have the ability to, quote – very rapidly heat and cool fluids – unquote.

3) They are also able to perform pasteurization, fine crystal formation, and are easy to clean.

4) Additionally, their, quote – unique combination of shear and draw gives opportunities for structure manipulation – unquote.

5) The technology is also scalable, allows for catalyst introduction, and residence times are controllable.

6) Water was successfully removed from oil by heating the disc, cooling the walls, and allowing gas flow through the chamber.

7) The oil and water mixture had 1,000 ppm water to start and only 25 ppm water after SDR processing.

8) Leeds University tested four following food processes using the SDR: Mayonnaise production, Emulsification, Ice Cream production, and Fruit Juice pasteurization.

9) Mixing the ingredients for mayonnaise then passing them through an SDR at temperatures up to 58C produces a, quote – smooth and homogeneous mayonnaise – unquote, devoid of salmonella.

10) Further analysis indicated that the, quote – SDR mayonnaise was more consistent, smoother and softer than Hellmann’s real mayonnaise – unquote.

11) The SDR was also used to produce a water-in-oil-in-water multiple emulsion.

12) In the production of ice cream, an SDR can be used to homogenize and pasteurize the ingredient

mixture. Additionally, much of the ageing time required in standard production can be avoided.

13) As a test, E. coli K-12 was introduced to a sample of ice cream base which was then processed using an SDR at 90C. Results, quote – indicated that sufficient heat was applied to achieve a reduction in microbial loading associated with a safe product – unquote.

14) The SDR produced ice cream was then analyzed qualitatively by a panel of taste testers. In the categories of smoothness, stickiness, meltability, and coldness, the SDR ice cream performed as well or better in most areas.

15) Processing fruit juice with an SDR at 90C showed effective pasteurization.

16) SDR pasteurized fruit juice was then qualitatively judged by a panel of tasters who deemed it, quote – preferable to the commercial sample – unquote.

17) This presentation concludes that the use of an SDR as a food processer has the ability to improve the efficiency of may current processes as well as offer the ability to introduce new products.

Publication: “Spinning Disc Reactors: A novel processing machine for the food and chemical industry.” PDF. 2010.

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