How to Learn to Operate a Infinity Supercritical 10L CO2 Extractor

Start First Extraction Using Hops With Known Oil Content

The best way to learn a supercritical CO2 extraction is to first get system training. This can be done at our shop in Ferndale, WA, or with our certified factory rep in Long Beach, California.

You should practice with your 10L system within 1 week of training, or you most likely will forget what you learned. Practice = experience.

The first practice runs should be with CO2 only, and running the system to pressure without any botanicals.

Then do a minimum of 10 runs with leaf beer hops. Order beer hops with known oil content (8-20 percent works great). This will give you valuable experience in starting and running the machine. Make a deal with your local hops supplier to do extracts for them in exchange for the hops if you want. Otherwise, just purchase the hops.

The common question we get from customers: But we already have cheap trim ! Do you know the oil content of the trim? No. But it’s free.  Well, how do you know if it has any oil in it ? Um, we don’t. So how much oil can you extract from that cheap trim with unknown oil quantity ? We don’t know, but nothing is coming out.

If you want to be a successful extractor, please follow our guidance.

Hops Suppliers:

Washington State (our supplier):

Email: Robert Northcorner <>

TEL:  (360) 714-1186


Here are the 3 least expensive options:  oil content expressed in

ML/100g, all 1# packaged units

Cascade:  $12.79/#  .8-1.5  (8-15 percent)

Willamette: $13.80/#  1-1.5 (10-15 percent)

Millennium:  $14.69/#  1.8-2.2  (18-22 percent)

In the Los Angeles Area (California):

Eagle Rock Brewing Supply


TEL: (323) 258-2107


4981 Eagle Rock Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90041

Culver City Home Brewing Supply


TEL: (310)397-3453

4234 Sepulveda Blvd

Culver City, CA 90230

South Bay Brewing Supply


TEL: (310) 328-2133


1311 Post Ave

Torrance, CA 90501



Test Your Botanicals For Oil Content

Get your trim or botanicals tested. It’s the only way to determine how much oil you can extract. If you have cheap or free trim, you may not have any oil content for extracting.

Testing is inexpensive, and a good insurance policy that you are buying what is advertised. If you get free trim, that is not tested, don’t expect any results.

Cannabis Testing and Potency Services

California (here are some options – or google “Los Angeles cannabis testing”:

Coastal Analytical


TEL: (442) 222- TEST


300 Carlsbad Village Drive

Suite 108A-415

Carlsbad, CA 92008

Pure Analytics


TEL:  (888) 505-7108


SC Labs


TEL: (866) 435-0709




TEL: (619) 356-0898


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