Heisenberg Honey uses Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extraction System to Produce some of the Best Products on the Market in Southern California

Located in Southern California, Heisenberg Honey produces a CBD Infused Oil and Tincture, and concentrates for gourmet edible candy, using organic ingredients. The group uses a Infinity Supercritical CO2 10L extraction system, which runs on almost a daily basis. The system produces a superior extract, which is then winterized and distilled into a pure concentrate, which is then used in medicinal products.

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Customers say it’s some of the best extract they’ve had. And that’s a result of a experienced professional running a great extraction machine.

From Todd at Heisenberg, “What’s unique about our lab is that is it run by licensed chemists who know exactly what they are doing. We do not use any kind of Butane and do not make BHO as Butane extraction can be very toxic as it is from petroleum derivatives. Instead we only use CO2 for our extraction process SFE (supercritical CO2 fluid extraction) which is a “green solvent” and safe for consumption. We want to make sure that everything that leaves our lab is 100 percent safe for the consumer to use. This is why we also have our own testing lab to make sure that all product is tested before it goes into our extractor for pesticides or toxins. The product is also tested after processing for potency so you will know exact dosages.”

An Example of Cannabis Terpene Rich Oil Extract From a Infinity Supercritical CO2 Machine

Todd himself has about six years of organic chemistry, and likes how the Infinity Supercritical machine works. And the results are outstanding. Todd has built up a experience and knowledge-base on the system so that the CO2 pump rarely has to be cleaned. Todd likes the simplicity of the machine and that it is semi-automated. “The fully automated extraction machines tend to blow out all the CO2 when there is any issue during the extraction cycle, which can result in large CO2 supply costs, not to mention software updates. With a semi-automated system, you can set the pressure and temperature zones, and they will automatically maintain those settings by use of feedback sensors, which results in some great extraction results,” Todd said.

The Infinity Supercritical 10L System Uses Semi-Automated Pressure Regulation and Temperature Zones to Produce a Terpene Rich Product

“If you make a effort to run the machine properly, and and focus on collection of oil instead of blasting through the closed-loop cycle, you don’t have to clean the pump,” Todd commented. Todd has his botanicals tested for both pesticides and total oil content. That insures that the botanicals are organic (pesticide free) before processing, and knowing the oil content helps to determine the amount of crude oil extract that will be  produced. “Typically, we expect about 5 percent oil content from trim, ” Todd said. “After the post processing and concentrated distillation (polishing), you can expect to lose about 20 percent of the total crude oil extract from waxes, which make the concentrate even more pure, clear, and produces a wonderful aroma (terpene rich oil).”

The Infinity Supercritical CO2 Botanical Extraction System is Certified in California, for use in the Cannabis Industry: The system is completely silent in operation, and has several energy saving features which make cost of operation low, and low demands on a electrical system.

Todd is also offering classes on post processing, including winterizing,  distillation, and the nuances of licensed cannabis extraction for the Los Angeles, and Southern California region. His experience in the industry can help new entries into the cannabis space, which will go recreational legal in 2018.

Contact Info For Heisenberg Honey, Extraction Consulting and Post Processing Classes: 

Todd  – Chief Chemist and Extraction Professional
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