Electro Processed Winterization – the new process to dewax CBD botanical solutions without the use of ethanol

Infinity Supercritical is now working on a continuous flow winterization method that does not need ethanol, rotovapes, freezers, or other traditional winterization components.

The method being developed is electro winterization, which includes using water, ESP (electro static precipitation) and the use of a charge to separate water, oil, and wax. The proprietary system has the following advantages:

  • Organic: Uses water as the carrier/solvent. No need for ethanol, which can disrupt terpenes and polyphenols
  • Lower Cost: No need for expensive rotovapes, freezers, and filter funnels in traditional winterization technique
  • Fast: No need to freeze solutions overnight, which is very time consuming
  • Continuous: The proprietary method can be easily made continuous, for larger processing operations
  • Small Footprint: Less labware is needed, so less real estate is taken up in the lab
  • More Energy Efficient: Without the need for chillers, a freezer, or other machinery, less electricity is used
  • No Ethanol: Large cost savings since you don’t need any ethanol
  • Better Working Environment for Workers: Less exposure to ethanol results in better working conditions for your employees
  • Preservation of Flavors: Using water better preserves the terpene profile of the botanical oil

PDF Download: 20180424-infinity-supercritical-electrowinterization


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