10L Fast Filter Dewaxing Machine for Winterization Process

Infinity Supercritical is now producing a 5L and 10L dewaxing machine for the winterizing process. The unit comes with a on-board vacuum pump and one (5L) or two (10L capacity) bowls for fast filtering of waxes. The unit can also be used for other dewaxing processes which use a 50 cm or 20 inch paper filter. Contact Infinity Supercritical for more information.

5L System: fast-filter-5L-information

10L System: fast-filter-10L-information

Filter Paper Supplies from Amazon (50 cm or 20 inch diameter):


Ahlstrom 6170-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 35 Micron, Fast Flow, Grade 617, 50cm Diameter (Pack of 50)

Whatman 1001-500 Quantitative Filter Paper Circles, 11 Micron, 10.5 s/100mL/sq inch Flow Rate, Grade 1, 500mm Diameter (Pack of 100)

Ahlstrom 6310-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 10 Micron, Medium Flow, Grade 631, 50cm Diameter (Pack of 100)

Ahlstrom 6090-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 50cm Diameter, 4 Micron, Medium Flow, Grade 609 (Pack of 9)

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