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Supercritical CO2 Extract

Post Processing Options:

We have a new de-waxing machine, and we are working on a complete winterizing and dewaxing machine.

CO2 Post Processing Details:

In some cases, with proper CO2 extraction technique, the extract (crude) oil can be used directly. For consumer use, you may wish to post-process to purify for concentrates to be used for vape pens, dabs, edibles, and other uses.

1. CO2 Extraction results in extract – which can be called crude oil.
2. Winterization: put crude oil extract into ethanol.
3. – Mix in ethanol
4. – Chill
5. – filter oil through media (paper) filters or we offer a large filter system
6. – 1-4 passes to remove waxes, using finer filters
7. – Rotovape to remove ethanol (evaporation in a rotary vessel and vacuum)
8. – At this point you can put into a vacuum oven and then it is ready for Vape Pens
9. If you want to make your own recipies for custom vape pen or concentrations, you can do distillation: CBN, CBD, and THC. Isolate waste versus desired components. The distillation can be flash chromotography, thin film, or standard distillation system.
10. End product is high THC extract, called a concentrate. That can be used directly in vapes, or cut with coconut oil or PEG for vape pens. One extract has a multitude of end consumer products.

Example of Post Processing Video on YouTube:

Making Shatter: Shatter needs to have the terpenes (the flavinoid component) removed as much as possible from the oil. Then removal of any small amount of waxes (typically by Winterization). Finally, the product is put into a vacuum oven.

Customer Testimonial – Maine – Medical Marijuana:
The only post processing I do now is use a vacuum oven on a very low temp just to dehydrate the hydrosols.  The end result is a beautiful HTFSE that needs no carrier and can be loaded directly into vape pens for a tasty solvent less extract.

Winterizing and Distillation Equipment Pricing From Infinity Supercritical

If you are just making vape pens, all you need is the winterizing
equipment. If you want to make custom concentrates, so you can control
the percentages of THC and CBD’s, then I recommend both the
Winterizing Equipment and Distillation Equipment.

I have listed a small and medium system equipment options.

Small Processing Lab Equipment: Doing 1-3 runs per day.

Medium to Large Processing Lab Equipment: Above 3 runs per day.

Winterizing Equipment:  (Note: Prices are for example only)
1. Dewaxing Fast Filter (equipment to filter out the wax, after the
botanical crude oil has been mixed with ethanol and put into a freezer
Medium: 5L $9,999+
Large: 10L $16,999+
2. Rotary Evaporator (evaporates the ethanol used to mix up the
botanical oil in solution to remove the wax):
Small: 2L with chiller, diaphram pump, and accessories package: $10,000+
Medium 20L with chiller, diaphram pump, and accessories package: $30,000+
3. Vacuum Oven (evaporates any water):
Medium: 1.9 CF: $5,000+

Distillation Equipment (used to heat up concentrated oil and separate
into fractions of THC, CBD, and other compounds if selected):
Small: 5L Short Path Distillation Package with Chiller and
accessories package: $16,000+
Medium: 10L Short Path Distillation Package with Chiller and
accessories package: $30,000+

A small lab set-up is around $50,000 +

A medium lab set-up is around $80,000 +


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