Infinity Supercritical Introduces Innovative Pricing for Cannabis Oil Extraction Equipment

How does a Cannabis cultivation and processing operation gain entry into the lucrative Cannabis Oil and concentrates market ? Infinity Supercritical has come up with a solution which provides a low entry-level price on its Supercritical CO2 extractor, which allows the operator to purchase a extraction system at a lower price, and then add-on capacity at a slightly higher acquisition price, to allow immediate production and cash flow.

Infinity has developed a 10L Cannabis oil extraction machine, which is engineer peer reviewed, and closed-loop which will take 2-5 pounds of botanicals and make oil extract which can be used to make live resin, shatter, crumb, vape pen oil, terpenes, CBD’s and concentrates for edibles.

Infinity Supercritical 10L Extraction Base Unit

Infinity Supercritical has also introduced some great technologies into the Cannabis processing space, including TriboTube, and electrostatic collection system which uses the motion of the CO2 running over food grade hybrid plastics to make static electricity that allows the entrained Cannabis oil to cling to the collection vessels. This prevents carry-over that clogs pumps and valves in other systems. This saves the operator time in maintenance and machine down-time.


Extract Oil Concentrate from Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Infinity Supercritical has also invented a fast extraction system which reduces system extraction run time, by using FlowBar, a innovation method to introduce the CO2 from the inside of the botanicals, instead of from one end of the extraction vessel to the other end, which is common with other systems.

The innovation and methods that Infinity Supercritical has brought to the industry saves the owner-operator time, and allows many more additional extraction cycles with less maintenance, which in-turn results in more production and profits.

With the addition of the innovative three-tier pricing format, now operators can gain entry into the lucrative Cannabis oil production market. For more information, please see their website at:

Infinity Supercritical CO2 Extraction System 10L Add-On Expansion Cart



TriboSonic | Acoustical Ultrasonics | Enhanced Oil Extraction by Infinity Supercritical

Citra Hops Oil Extract

Infinity Supercritical has announced a new method of enhancing oil extraction using supercritical CO2. The technique uses high pressure CO2 to create acoustical ultrasonic waves that literally vibrate the Cannabis or other botanicals to release the entrained oil.  Best of all, Infinity reports the process is passive, and does not require any external power to produce the effect. Similar to it’s TriboTube which uses CO2 moving over a hybrid plastic to produce electrostatic precipitation (to enhance oil recovery), the TriboSonic method also uses CO2.

Disc Reactor | Continuous Feed | Oil Extraction System

New technology has developed into continuous flow disc fluid extraction. As an alternative to butane extraction (BHO) and Supercritical CO2, the continuous flow oil extraction kit (oil extraction machine), can efficiently produce vape pen oil extraction by co2 liquid or other fluid carriers (including water). Botanical oil extractions include beer Citra Hop oil extraction, Cacao nut oil, Tamanu Oil, antioxidants, including extracts from jellyfish, algae, and marine life like Salmon (polyphenols, astaxanthin). Other nutraceuticals are also good for oil extraction. There are also some efforts regarding extraction of Māmalu o Wahine (the mushroom Dictyophora species commonly referred to as stinkhorn)

How it works: The disc reactor spins a slurry of liquid and particulates, and uses cavitation and shear forces to break apart botanicals to extract oil and other compounds. More complicated reactions can also be introduced using sonochemistry, which can provide exothermic reactions (UV, heat, mixing, and catalytic reactions), catalysts, or co-solvents. Because of the shear forces, the extraction time can be reduced from hours to minutes. Most systems can provide a closed-loop or continuous feed, which allows larger processing operations.

The same spinning disc reactor, can be used to produce quantum dots. With a SDR, perovskites can be commercially manufactured, with a low cost, continuous feed, production format (and made into solar cells).


Experimental Sonic Reactor Clocked at 3,000 RPM With Magnetic Drive
SRmini Magnetic Gearbox Cut-Away View
Large Multi Channel Modular Block Reactor
Sonic Reactor Disc Stack
Miniature Modular Block Sonic Reactor Experimental Platform Using SP76 Nessi Blocks


Sonic Reactor Exploded Assembly View


Sonic Reactor View of Complex Disc Stack With Internal Cooling
Inside View of a Disc Reactor