What Are Terpenes ?

What are Terpenes ?
Terpenes are found in the essential oils (flavinoids) of plants,
consisting of a large group of volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons.
Found commonly in conifers and citrus trees. In Cannabis,
terpenes are the oily compound, and the main building block
of resin that contribute to the flavor, scent and color of the oil.
The aeromatic nature of the Terpene give Cannabis its
unique smell. Terpenes are volatile molecules that evaporate
easily, and are oily compounds secreted by the plants
Trichomes. Cannabinoids and Terpenoids develop from THC
and Terpenes that infuse the plants flower tops,
share the same biochemical precursor (Geranyl
Pyrophosphate). Terpenes have the aroma, while Cannabinoids
are odorless.

In extraction, Terpenes can be extracted separately than the
Cannabinoids, and recombined at the end of the extraction
process. Terpenes are generally extracted in lower pressure
and no heat.

What about Terpenes during Decarboxylation ?
“ Besides cannabinoids, the cannabis plant contains a range of terpenes, which are the volatile compounds that give cannabis its distinct smell and may act synergistically with cannabinoids. Although preheating the plant material may release more of the known active (neutral) cannabinoids, it may simultaneously also cause loss by degradation or evaporation of components such as terpenes. Our tests were intended to better clarify the balance between desired decarboxylation and unwanted degradation. Unheated cannabis material was analyzed as a control.”
Source: Cannabis Oil: chemical evaluation of an upcoming cannabis-based medicine
Luigi L Romano, Arno Hazekamp
Department of Pharmacy, University of Siena, Italy
Plant Metabolomics group, Institute of Biology, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Cannabis Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavonoids


THC (Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Boiling point: 157° C / 314.6° Fahrenheit
Properties: Euphoriant, Analgesic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antiemetic

CBD (cannabidiol)
Boiling point: 160-180°C / 320-356° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anxiolytic, Analgesic, Antipsychotic, Anti Inflammatory, Antioxidant, Antispasmodic

CBN (Cannabinol)
Boiling point: 185°C / 365° Fahrenheit
Properties: Oxidation, breakdown, product, Sedative, Antibiotic

CBC (cannabichromene)
Boiling point: 220° / 428° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anti Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antifungal

Δ-8-THC (Δ-8-tetrahydrocannabinol)
Boiling point: 175-178°C / 347-352.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Resembles Δ-9-THC, Less psychoactive, More stable Antiemetic

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)
Boiling point: < 220°C / <428° Fahrenheit
Properties: Analgesic, Euphoriant

Terpenoid Essential Oil Components of Cannabis

Boiling point: 166-168°C / 330.8-334.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Analgesic. Anti Inflammatory, Antibiotic, Antimutagenic

Boiling point: 119°C / 246.2° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anti Inflammatory, Cytoprotective (gastric mucosa), Antimalarial

Boiling point: 177°C / 350.6° Fahrenheit
Properties: Cannabinoid agonist?, Immune potentiator, Antidepressant, Antimutagenic

Boiling point: 198°C / 388.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Sedative, Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Immune potentiator

Boiling point: 224°C / 435.2° Fahrenheit
Properties: Memory booster?, AChE inhibitor, Sedative, Antipyretic

1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol)
Boiling point: 176°C / 348.8° Fahrenheit
Properties: AChE inhibitor, Increases cerebral, blood flow, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Anti Inflammatory, Antinociceptive

Boiling point: 156°C / 312.8° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anti Inflammatory, Bronchodilator, Stimulant, Antibiotic, Antineoplastic, AChE inhibitor

Boiling point: 217-218°C / 422.6-424.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Sedative, Antibiotic, AChE inhibitor, Antioxidant, Antimalarial

Boiling point: 209°C / 408.2° Fahrenheit
Properties: AChE inhibitor. Antibiotic

Boiling point: 177°C / 350.6° Fahrenheit
Properties: Antibiotic, Anticandidal, AChE inhibitor

Boiling point: 210°C / 410° Fahrenheit
Properties: Antibiotic

Boiling point: 168*C / 334.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anti Inflammatory

Flavonoid and Phytosterol Components of Cannabis

Boiling point: 178°C / 352.4° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anxiolytic, Anti Inflammatory, Estrogenic

Boiling point: 250°C / 482° Fahrenheit
Properties: Antioxidant, Antimutagenic, Antiviral, Antineoplastic

Cannflavin A
Boiling point: 182°C / 359.6° Fahrenheit
Properties: COX inhibitor, LO inhibitor

Boiling point: 134°C / 273.2° Fahrenheit
Properties: Anti Inflammatory, 5-α-reductase, inhibitor

One thought on “What Are Terpenes ?

  1. Terpenes are the precious gift we smell and taste after our hard work. Locked up in the plants are powerful volatile chemicals that are easily released through natural processes as well as mechanical.
    The art of extraction comes from understanding that soft plants take absolute care to preserve all terpenes and medicinal properties. Colder temps throughout extraction will help maintain quality. Think of this if you want the seeds out of a pumpkin you carefully extract them not smash the pumpkin into bits and then try sort out the mess.
    This true for extracts. Once you have diluted your product with other plant matter besides what we really want the essential oils. These elements then require extensive purification to remove unwanted matter. Time and material are extremely valuable. Terpenes are also water based in large part so they can be dissolved by left over water in the wax after extraction ruining the entire run or several runs possibly.
    I have built a succession CO2 extraction company in the Emerald triangle from the ground up, and am available for consulting. Please contact this website to
    contract my services and for pricing on hourly, weekly, and on-site


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