10L Fast Filter

10L Fast Filter For Winterized Solution Dewax

Compare to Drain Droyd – Infinity System includes vacuum pump and lower purchase price.

Order Filters Online for Fast Filter or Drain Droyd: Click here for online store  for filters as low as 100 for $200 ! Compare to Drain Droyd paper filters at $435.

High Flow Dual Bowl Fast Filter System All Inclusive Package

Dewax Your Winterized Solution

​10L: $16,999

Starter System Package

– Loading Vessel Funnel for Filter Placement

– Stainless Steel Filtrate Concentrate Vessel

– Vacuum Pump 110V Single Phase (USA)

– Industrial Cart with 5 inch Casters (USA)

– Starter Kit Paper Filters (20 inch)

– Small Footprint 24 x 24 x 48 inches (fits through any standard door, elevator, hallway)

– Self-contained System

– Plug and Play

– Wooden Crate (IPPC Heat Treated When Shipping International)

– All Built in the USA at our Shop in Ferndale, Washington

– Custom Built Vacuum Pump With Standard Parts

– Freight and Insurance included to lower 48

Datasheet: fast-filter-10L-information

Instructions: 20180302-fast-filter-instructions

Filter supplies for the Fast Filter (50cm) filter papers from Infinity Supercritical direct (in stock) or order direct from Infinity Supercritical Website:

Note: Shipping is $50 for any quantity, for each separate filter size.

Paper Filter 25 micron 50 cm qty 100


Paper Filter 10 micron 50 cm qty 100


Paper Filter 4 micron 50 cm qty 100



Filter supplies for the Fast Filter (20 inch or 50 cm diameter) paper filters from Amazon (6-8 weeks shipping time):

Ahlstrom 6170-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 35 Micron, Fast Flow, Grade 617, 50cm Diameter (Pack of 50)

Whatman 1001-500 Quantitative Filter Paper Circles, 11 Micron, 10.5 s/100mL/sq inch Flow Rate, Grade 1, 500mm Diameter (Pack of 100)

Ahlstrom 6310-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 10 Micron, Medium Flow, Grade 631, 50cm Diameter (Pack of 100)

Ahlstrom 6090-5000 Qualitative Filter Paper, 50cm Diameter, 4 Micron, Medium Flow, Grade 609 (Pack of 9)